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Located in over 230 acres of beautiful secluded forest, The Pyramid Center (TPC) is a place for self inspiration, spiritual learning and contemplation. TPC is a place for all whom yearn to experience an expansive way of being by providing the perfect, tranquil and remote setting to learn, grow and help individuals transcend into their Higher Self, by alignment of the Mind, Body and Spirit through meditation, yoga and esoteric education including new age, ancient religious and spiritual customs and traditions.

In essence, The Pyramid Center is a platform for Self Discovery.

The Pyramid Center is a 501(C)3 non-profit entitled organisation. All income received will help fund the creation of the healing Pyramid (see promotional video for more details) and to develop and maintain the upkeep of the centre.

Cabin nestled in the between tree at The Pyramid Center
Far Shot of TPC Road to TPC Meditation Rock Cabin at TPC
Keller Cliff at The Pyramid Center One of many look-out points at The Pyramid Center City lights miles away from The Pyramid Center Manzanita left at The Pyramid Center
Keller Cliff Look-Out Point Far City View Manzanita leaves
Sunset at The Pyramid Center Panorama of the Valley at The Pyramid Center The Pyramid Center top of the road Sunset on top hill at The Pyramid Center
Sunset at TPC Panoramic View Road to Hill-Top Sunset at Hill-Top

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Why Stay at The Pyramid Center (TPC)?

Nestled deep in the San Bernardino Mountains elevated at approximately 5,000 feet, The Pyramid Center (TPC) is the ideal location for anyone looking for a wide variety of experiences. From simply getting away from it all, to facilitating one of the best meditative locations in Southern California. TPC also offers a great environment for individuals that simply want enjoy the splendid beauty of untainted nature & rare solitude.

Is The Pyramid Center Right for You?

Most that hear of The Pyramid Center (TPC) become intrigued, and once there, tend to express deep gratitude to have been shown such as place. TPC is generally for people that enjoy nature, mountains, quietness, solitude, spirituality, philosophy, metaphysics, 'spirit-science', yoga, psychic phenomena, mental and physical therapy and on occasion integrating with like-minded individuals for a variety of events and purposes. TPC does at times hold courses and classes on the above subjects and more. (Subscribe to our mailing list to find out when). We recommending even 'city-people' give TPC a chance. We doubt you'll be disappointed.

The Pyramid Center Location

Located in the San Bernardino Mountains in Southern California (United States), The Pyramid Center is located 15 miles via dirt-road from Highway 330, or (coming from the east) 8 miles via dirt-road from Highway 38. Using "GOOGLE EARTH" will reveal The Pyramid Center's approximate geographic location. Download Google Earth Here.

Getting to The Pyramid Center

The Pyramid Center is only accessible using either Truck or SUV (preferably 4X4). Due to occasionally hazardous road conditions, we do not recommend people driving out to TPC unguided, especially during their first visit. TPC accommodates attendants by offering scheduled shuttled tours to and from TPC. If you will be staying at TPC, then this will be specifically arranged for you by TPC upon confirming your stay with us. For events at TPC, you will be notified where and when to meet for shuttle pick-up after purchase of ticket has been confirmed by TPC.

Status of The Pyramid Center

The Pyramid Center is currently a work in progress. Though much as been completed, we still have a little ways to go. TPC currently offers the following:

1. Short or extended on-site stays.
2. Meditative retreats
3. Multi-purpose group gatherings
4. General Events
5. Seminars.
6. Leisure get-away & relaxing
7. Hiking tours.

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Staying at The Pyramid Center.

The Pyramid Center currently offers two living options to stay on-site.

 Option 1: Stay inside our premium living quarters, generally designed for 1 person or a couple, and offering 200 - 350 square feet of living space integrating exceptional comfort to provide you with a maximum rejuvenation experience.

Option 2: Bring your tent (or living situation), and rent a designated pad of space (generally 12x 12 feet) either daily, weekly, or monthly.

           * Rates vary upon session and availability.

One-day (non-overnight) visit to The Pyramid Center

If you simply wish to see The Pyramid Center for only one day, please contact us @ contact@thepyramidcenter.org. 

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