About Us

ABOUT US: The Pyramid Center (TPC) is a versatile platform for relaxation and multifaceted Self-discovery. If you're seeking a unique personal retreat, or looking for a place to host an event / gathering, our location provides a truly unmatched experience and locale. Nestled in-between miles of secluded virgin forest, TPC is bordered within 237 acres of pristine mountainous range approximately 12 miles from the city of Big Bear, California. Elevated at 5000 feet, our location provides an ambiance of lush forestry and high desert. We regularly conduct and host a variety of events, workshops, film productions, getaway retreats and much more. Subscribe to our mailing list and notified about our next production!

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Getting Here

GETTING HERE: The Pyramid Center is only accessible by Truck / SUV (preferably 4X4), or helicopter. Due to occasional road hazards, we do NOT recommend individuals driving to TPC unguided, especially during their first visit. We accommodate guests by offering scheduled shuttles to and from TPC at a nominal fee. TPC is approximately 15 miles east of Highway 330, and approximately 12 miles west of Highway 38.

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